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Feeding, Grooming & Other Tips
Tips From a New Puppy

I have been eating dry puppy food prepared as follows:
From 3 to 6 months - 2 tablespoons dry food.   Feed me this meal 2 times daily and be sure I have plenty of water at all times.
From 6 months to 1 year old - 1/4 cup of dry 2 times daily (you can increase if necessary).
From 1 year old - Gradually change my puppy food to an adult food and feed 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry food, once per day.
Remember to keep my water dish full.

These feeding instructions have been prepared by SILVERLANCE KENNELS based on experience of the average puppy.  You may have to vary amounts according to my appetite, amount of exercise I get, etc., but I should eat the approximate amounts, more or less.  If I seem to be just fussy, try changing brands of food.  If I continue to pick at my food, maybe we should see the vet.  At any rate, don't leave my food dish down and allow me to eat bit-by-bit all day.  Doing this will turn me into a picky eater.  My food should be prepared, put down for me for approximately 30 minutes and taken back up again until I learn that when that dish hits the floor, I'm supposed to eat.  Please don't give me table scraps because you think I'm not eating enough.  I will not want to eat my dog food if you do this. If you want to give me a little table food such as meat or gravy, mix it with my dry food.   I am only a little dog and I do not have to eat a big amount of food.  I do need to eat a good brand of dog food to get proper, balanced nutrition.

Since being overweight is very bad for my health and being underweight is not good either, a good rule to follow is:  you should be able to feel my ribs when touching my sides but you should not be able to see them.  If I'm happy and active, don't worry.

PLEASE, PLEASE, NEVER GIVE ME ANY COOKED BONES..... The only type of bone I should be allowed at all is a raw knuckle bone. The milk bone type of dog biscuits (any brand) are just as good for cleaning my teeth and far safer. Some dogs eat bones all their life and live to a ripe old age--they are lucky.  Bones can be very dangerous.  They can puncture my stomach, intestines and anything along the way and I can bleed to death internally before you know that has happened.  It is not to say it will happen, but it certainly can happen for lots of dogs have had an abruptly shortened life because of bones.  Why take chances?  It's just not worth the possible effects.

First and foremost, REMEMBER I HAVE MY DIGNITY.  The old practice of rubbing my nose in "it" is a very bad one.  I'm a living, breathing thing with a heart, a brain and feelings.  When I have an accident in the house, point it out to me while saying "no" as firmly as possible (without yelling) then immediately put me outside.  It's best to get in the habit of putting me out right after I wake from a nap and about 5 - 10 minutes after I eat or drink anything.  I should be put out first thing every morning and last thing every night.  It's really up to you how fast I learn.  Keep a close eye on me and be consistent.  Don't scold me one time for having an accident in the house and the next time let me get away with it.  My respect for you is going to start being built on your consistency.  If I grow up learning you wont' let me get away with anything and that I am supposed to do something the first time you tell me--I'll be a much better companion for you and a better dog in general.  There's nothing more rewarding for you than having a well-trained pet around and there's nothing more pleasant for any visitors we have at our house.  Just remember, my actions are going to be a reflection on you.

A firm voice (not yelling) is the best medicine.  Remember what I said about having a heart and feelings?  Well, believe me, my feelings do get hurt.  You'll see it on my face.  I love you and don't want to displease you so when I'm not being a very good dog, let me know it in no uncertain terms.  I'll respond quickly, you'll see.  You will find that a firm voice for commands and a firm voice of displeasure when I'm naughty will teach me anything you want me to know and we'll be much better friends.  I respond best to love and firmness, just the right amount of each.
As soon as you take me home, you can put a small collar on me without a leash until I get used to having something around my neck.  Once I'm used to the collar, attach a leash to it and try walking with me.  If I thrash too much, put the leash away for another day.  Give me time, I will eventually learn to behave on the end of the leash, but it may take a while.

Worming - the only time I'm automatically wormed is when I'm a new puppy.  Do NOT automatically worm me.  Always, get a vet's opinion beforehand.  When I'm about 6 months old, take a sample of my stool to the vet's for testing, then again at 1 year old.  From then on, it's good to have a yearly check done.  There are a multitude of types of worms and as many different medicines to treat them.  That's why it's important to have me checked before administering a commercial type worming medicine.  I may have a type of worm that this medicine won't have any effect on.

Shots - Be sure to keep up my booster shots.

Ears - Keep my ears clean.  You can use cotton balls with a little peroxide or alcohol.  Hang on to the cotton ball and put it down as far as you can in my ear (you will not damage anything as long as you are using your fingers with a cotton ball because you'll never get them down far enough to reach my eardrum).  Wipe up and outward towards the top of my ear.

Nails -  Keep my nails short.  If you want me to have the best, tightest feet I'm capable of having, always keep my nails well trimmed.  Long nails will cause me to stretch my toes out or even approach a flat-foot walk.  The shorter my nails, the better for my feet.  It only takes a second to cut my nails but it should be done often enough to keep them well trimmed.  Have someone who knows how to cut nails show you how.  It's much easier to do the nails yourself than have to run to the vet's or a groomer every time they need to be done.

Rest - As a growing puppy, I need plenty of rest.  Be sure I have a quiet undisturbed place to rest, several times a day.  I can get very tired from a lot of play and human children may be too rough for me.

Well, those are the basics, SILVERLANCE KENNELS offers these suggestions for your information.  The content is their opinion but an opinion based on experience.  It really boils down to you and me learning together.  If you have some ideas or decide there is a better way, "hey, let's go for it".  SILVERLANCE KENNELS biggest concern is seeing me grow up loved and well-behaved.

So, let's get started cause here I come, a bundle of fur overflowing with love and ready to steal your heart.

P.S.  Please give my coat a good brushing every day to keep it clean and free from mats.